Anything I might say about gratitude this week would be a cliche…it’s all been said before. I have heard that not only might you be grateful for what you have but perhaps, what you haven’t. Now there’s a thought to ponder! Gratitude is the readiness to show appreciation…so now count the people, things, experiences, which you are grateful for, and I suspect this accounting will be long and fruitful. For we are usually not aware of all the wonderful aspects of our lives, but often the little barbs, glitches, which take up so much space in our awareness but are really trivial in the end. Today I will be in the process of such a grateful accounting and of course, this will include family, friends, our beloved dogs, my mare, and good health!

I have also been thinking what gratitude would look like visually. Would colors be harmonious? Would the composition be pleasing to the eye, symmetrical? Asymmetrical? What emotions would a work of art with the subject matter gratitude look like? What does music sound like when grateful? Is there dissonance or only harmony? Is the key always a major one? These are some things you might want to explore when thinking about gratitude in the arts, and when accounting for you own ‘thanksgiving’….

May you have a blessed and grateful Thanksgiving…Kate

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